Marcus Borg

Marcus J. Borg (born 1942) is an American New Testament scholar, theologian and author. He is a fellow of the Jesus Seminar and was formerly Hundere Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture at Oregon State University, a position from which he retired in 2007. Borg is among the most widely known and influential voices in progressive Christianity and is a major figure in scholarship related to the Historical Jesus.   From Wikipedia

“Borg is one of the very few New Testament scholars of our age whose learning is so lucid that it takes the Bible back from the specialists and makes it available in all its complexity and splendor to the general reader: nothing short of a blessing, even a miracle! If Marcus Borg did not exist, we would have to invent him for we have no better guide to the recovery of an authentic Christian faith for these difficult times than this articulate and prolific public theologian.”
Peter Gomes, author of The Good Book

Marcus Borg’s at Wikipedia  (also lists his books)

Marcus Borg’s blog at Patheos

Marcus Borg’s books (listed after videos)

A Portrait of Jesus
A website based on the work of Marcus Borg


Debate Shipboard 2005 2:20
Borg, Crossan, James Renihan and James White
“Did Jesus Christ Rise From the Dead?”

Harvard Conference on the Progressive Church Dec 6-7, 2007 4 parts
“Finding Our Way Forward” (for a coverage of this event, please see my Blog 2)
Marcus Borg, Brian McLaren, Diana Butler Bass

Part 1 Opening Panel  all three 1:29:53

Part 2   McLaren and Butler Bass  2:00:43

Part 3 Marcus Borg   56:08

Part 4  Panel all three   1:40:04

University of California TV Jan 2008 58 min
“Religious Pluralism: Seeing Religion Again”

UCSD Wesley Foundation January 2008 58 min
“Religious Pluralism: Seeing Religion Again”

Faith Reason Jan 2011   14 min
“The Birth of Christianity”

Day 1 Sermon Feb 2011 15 min
“What’s Christianity All About?”

Faith Reason Feb 2011   14 min
Conversation: “The Gospel of Mark”

Borg and Crossan Aug 2011 18 min (audio)
“The Radical Apostle Paul”

OSU Socratic Club Aug 2011 Nine videos on “Heart of Christianity”
What are the core beliefs of the Christian Faith
A debate between Marcus Borg and Gary Ferngren, an Evangelical

Evangelical position
1 13:46

2 13:46

3 13:43

4 13:42

5 13:44

6 13:44

7 13:43

8 13:43

9 12:54

Debate: “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead” April 2012 1:49
Marcus Borg and William Craig

Debate: “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead” Feb 2013 1:15
Marcus Borg and Charles Holt

Oxford Feb 2013 15 min
“What is God”

Episcopal Cathedral Portland Lenten Sermon March 2013 25 min
Sermon on Easter: “Memory, Conversion, Conviction”

1 At All Saints Pasadena March 17, 2013   45 min
“Why Jesus Matters”

2 At All Saints Pasadena March 18, 2013 1:39
“The Passion of Jesus: Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter”

3 At All Saints Pasadena March 17, 2013 Sun Eve 1:34
“The Passion of Jesus: The Way and the Kingdom”

Borg & Crossan April 2013 12 min
“The First Christmas”

Episcopal Preaching Foundation  Feb 26, 2014  52 min (audio, poor sound quality)

1 At All Saints Pasadena Sun. March 23, 2014 1:31
“Mysticism, Resistance, and Counter Advocacy”

2 At All Saints Pasadena Mon March 24, 2014  1:31
“Amos: A Case Study in “What I Wish Every Christian Would Know””

First Presbyterian, Bend Oregon March 30, 2014 33 min

University UMC Austin April 6, 2014 31 min
“What’s the Cross About”