Brian McLaren II

Beginning with Brian McLaren I will have one post for my Net Prophets’ videos and another for their books. I will put in bold what I consider their better books. The list of books will be followed by a description of the books in bold.

Amazon page of his books

The Church on the Other Side (Zondervan, 1998)

Finding Faith (Zondervan, 1999)

A New Kind of Christian (Jossey-Bass, 2001)

More Ready Than You Realize: Evangelism as Dance in the Postmodern Matrix (Zondervan, 2002)

A Is for Abductive (Zondervan, 2002)

Adventures in Missing the Point (Emergent/YS, 2003, co-written with Tony Campolo)

Church in Emerging Culture: Five Perspectives (Zondervan Emergent/YS, 2003)

Leonard Sweet (General Editor), with contributors Andy Crouch, Brian D. McLaren, Erwin McManus, Michael Horton, Frederica Mathewes-Green

The Story We Find Ourselves In (Jossey-Bass, 2003)

A Generous Orthodoxy: Why I Am a Missional, Evangelical, Post/Protestant, Liberal/Conservative, Mystical/Poetic, Biblical, Charismatic/Contemplative, Fundamentalist/Calvinist, Anabaptist/Anglican, Methodist, Catholic, Green, Incarnational, Depressed-yet-Hopeful, Emergent, Unfinished CHRISTIAN (Zondervan, 2004)

The Last Word and the Word After That (Jossey-Bass, 2005)

The New Kind of Christian Trilogy – Limited Edition Boxed Set (A New Kind of Christian; The Story We Find Ourselves In; The Last Word and the Word After That) (Jossey-Bass, 2005)

The Secret Message of Jesus : Uncovering the Truth that Could Change Everything (W Publishing Group, April 2006)

The Voice of Luke: Not Even Sandals (The Voice) (Thomas Nelson, July 2007) ISBN 0-529-12351-7

Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope (Thomas Nelson, October 2007) ISBN 0-8499-0183-9

Finding Our Way Again: The Return of the Ancient Practices (Thomas Nelson, May 2008) ISBN 0-8499-0114-6

The Justice Project (Baker, September 2009), edited with Elisa Padilla, and Ashley Bunting Seeber ISBN 0-8010-1328-3

A New Kind of Christianity (HarperOne, February 2010) ISBN 0-06-185398-4

Naked Spirituality: A Life With God in 12 Simple Words (HarperOne, March 2011) ISBN 0-06-185401-8

Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World (Jericho Books, September 2012) ISBN 978-1-4555-1396-3

We Make the Road by Walking: A Year-Long Quest for Spiritual Formation, Reorientation, and Activation  (Jericho Books, June 2014)

II B Books (Description):

Everything Must Change:

In Everything Must Change, you will accompany Brian around the world on a search for answers. Along the way you’ll experience intrigue, alarm, challenge, insight, and hope. You’ll get a fresh and provocative vision of Jesus and his teachings. And you’ll see how his core message can infuse us with purpose and passion to address the economic, environmental, military, political, and social dysfunctions that have overtaken our world.

Jesus’ message is more than a ticket to heaven or a formula for personal prosperity. It is an invitation to personal and global transformation. It is a radical challenge to the underlying stories that drive our suicidal systems—social, economic, and political. It invites us to imagine what would happen

—if people of faith moved beyond political polarization and a few hot-button issues to the deeper questions nobody is asking.

—if the world’s leading nations spent less on weapons and more on peace-making, poverty-alleviation, and creation-care.

—if a renewed understanding of Jesus and his message sparked a profound spiritual awakening in a global movement of faith, hope, and love.

—if we believed that God’s will really could be done on earth and not just in heaven.

If you are hungry for a fresh vision of what it means to be a person of faith, Everything Must Change applies the good news of Jesus to a world in need, igniting a revolution of hope that can change everything. Beginning with you. Beginning now.

A New Kind of Christianity:

Review By Mort Coyle

Brian McLaren has emerged as a voice that asks aloud the questions that many of us have wrestled with in silence. As a result, he has been lionized (and sometimes idolized) by those who find resonance with his theological ponderings. He has simultaneously been demonized and even slandered by those who are disturbed by his explorations into what it means to follow Jesus in the 21st century. He has become both an antenna and a lightning rod for the light and heat generated by the friction of Christianity’s transition into post-modernism.

A New Kind of Christianity is built around the exploration of ten important questions that Christians throughout the world seem to be asking more and more and with greater urgency. These questions are:

1. What is the overarching story line of the Bible?

2. How should the Bible be understood?

3. Is God violent?

4. Who is Jesus and why is He important?

5. What is the Gospel?

6. What do we do about the Church?

7. Can we find a way to address human sexuality without fighting about it?

8. Can we find a better way of viewing the future?

9. How should followers of Jesus relate to people of other religions?

10. What do we do now? (How do we translate our quest into action?)

McLaren doesn’t so much provide pat answers to these questions as give thoughtful responses which leave the door open for further exploration. His tone throughout is humble, circumspect and low-key. This is not a book for people who want a pedagogue to tell them what to believe. Rather it inspires you to bring your own theology into the light and take an honest look at what you believe, why you believe it and if, perhaps, you ought to rethink a thing or two (or ten).

We Make the Road by Walking:

From critically acclaimed author Brian McLaren comes a brilliant retelling of the biblical story and a thrilling reintroduction to Christian faith.

This book offers everything you need to explore what a difference an honest, living, growing faith can make in our world today. It also puts tools in your hands to create a life-changing learning community in any home, restaurant, or other welcoming space.

The fifty-two (plus a few) weekly readings can each be read aloud in 10-12 minutes, and offer a simple curriculum of insightful reflections and transformative practices. Organized around the traditional church year, these readings give an overview of the whole Bible and guide an individual or a group of friends through a year of rich study, interactive learning, and personal growth.

Perfect for home churches, congregations, classes, or individual study, each reading invites you to:

Cultivate an honest, intelligent understanding of the Bible and of Christian faith in 21st century

Engage with discussion questions designed to challenge, stimulate, and encourage

Re-imagine what it means to live joyfully and responsibly in today’s world as agents of God’s justice, creativity, and peace

If you’re seeking a fresh way to experience and practice your faith, if you’re a long-term Christian seeking new vitality, or if you feel out of place in traditional church circles, this book will inspire and activate you in your spiritual journey.