Brian McLaren

(This is the fifth of the Net Prophets posted. The prior ones being Marcus Borg, John Shelby Spong, John Dominic Crossan, and Walter Brueggemann.)

Brian McLaren came out of the Jesus movement, started a church near Washington D. C. which he pastored for 20 years before leaving to become a writer. Brian is probably the leading voice of the Emergent Church movement. Phyllis Tickle, author of “The Great Emergence” calls him the Martin Luther of the movement. He was the only non-Anglican to speak at the latest Lambeth Conference.

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Brian McLaren’s (youtube) Channel

I Videos:

Harvard Conference on the Progressive Church Dec 6-7, 2007 4 parts
“Finding Our Way Forward” (for a coverage of this event, please see my Blog 2)
Marcus Borg, Brian McLaren, Diana Butler Bass

Part 1 Opening Panel  all three 1:29:53

Part 2  McLaren and Butler Bass  2:00:43

Part 3 Marcus Borg   56:08

Part 4 Panel all three   1:40:04

Diocese of Washington  Jan 31, 2009   1:15:05
“The Episcopal Moment”

Point Loma Nazarene University April  2009    26:29
An Evening with Brian McLaren

Westminster Presbyterian Town Forum, Minneapolis  April 15, 2010   53:00   On: “A New Kind of Christianity”

Episcopal Church Wilmington Del  Feb 28, 2011  25:20
How to read the Bible Part 1

Audiobook Zondervan Feb 2012  44:07
“A Generous Orthodoxy” Ch 1

Claremont School of Theology  July 2012   1:32:27
“A Great Awakening? Signs of a New Christianity”
Forum: Brian McLaren, Diana Butler-Bass, Mark Whitlock

DarkBrew  Nov 11, 2012   1:36:11
Convergence Christianity

St Paul’s, London Nov 28, 2012  1:26:38
A New Kind of Christianity

All Saints Pasadena Dec 16, 2012  41:37

 Kansas East UMC Conference.2012  52:01
“Why Everything Must Change”

“Everything Must Change” what’s it about?  2012  2:43

Highlights of “Why Everything Must Change” Nov 3, 2012 15:50

Emmanuel UMC Bible Class Dec , 2013   1:11:15 (Streaming Skype)  Conversation: “A Kind Of Christianity”

Wild Goose Fest Aug 11, 2013  51:15
Catachesis: Mystery Plays

Rocky Mountain Conference,  June 15, 2013  1:35:43
Keynote Speech “The Secret Message of Jesus”
0r 1:52:09

Rocky Mountain Conference June 15, 2013 36:16  Interview

FaithForum TV June 2013  54:17
Leap of Faith  interview by Chip Edens

The Future of the Church: A conversation w/ Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren & David Lose  Oct  2013  1:08:49

Knox College   Nov 14, 2013  44:15   (audio)
“A Generous Orthodoxy”

Luther Seminary Oct 6, 2013  1:30:58  Session 1

Luther Seminary Oct 6, 2013  1:42:41  Session 2

Luther Seminary Oct 6, 2013  1:34:37  Session 3

Luther Seminary Oct 7, 2013  1:08:50
Future of the Church w/ Phyllis Tickle & David Lose

Brian McLaren Interview with Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo Feb 2014  28:36

Come2Go Ministries Ft Wayne Indiana, Mar 20, 2014   1:25:51

Preaching Peace March 9, 2014  54:46
Rene Girard and Mimetic Theory 1 w/ Michael Hardin

Preaching Peace March 9, 2014  1:03:40
Rene Girard and Mimetic Theory 2 w/ Michael Hardin

Beyond the Box Podcast April 2014 1:48:54 Audio
“Christian Identity In A Multi-Faith World”

Preaching Peace April 2014  46:03
Why I Support Preaching Peace

Panel on Labor and Job Justice with Joerg Rieger, Brian McLaren, and Alexia Salvatierra  June 2014  1:21:19

Ministry Matters  June 2014  27:44
Interview about “We Make the Road by Walking”

Interview with Brian McLaren  by Ryan Bell  July 2014  1:03:36

Brian McLaren: We Make the Road by Walking  Aug 2014   1:02:40

“Women on the Edge”   Dec 2014 24;22

Naked Spirituality (Beyond the Box)  JAN 2015   59:08

“Dealing with Conflict in the Biblical Narrative”  JAN 2015  43:33

The Challenges and the Future of the Christian Tradition  July 2015  19:34

We Make The Road By Walking Oct 2015  44:22

“A New Way for a New Day” Jan 2016   27:31

Emerging Faith for Emerging Challenges Apr 2016   1:04

“The Great Spiritual Migration”  Sept 2016  29:21

“The Great Spiritual Migration”  Sept 2016   1:01

Faith and Politics  Feb 2017  47min

Keynote for UCC  Mar 2017   30 min

At Calvary Church  Apr 2017  22 min

New Kind of Church interview May 2017 46 min

Climate Change And Christianity – An Interview May 2017  37 min

“Loving Better?” Gt Spir Mig July 2017   30 min

Get Your Spirit in Shape Ep. 026 (UMC) Nov 2017  31 min

Innovating Spiritual Movements  nov 2017  7 hrs

Evening of Spiritual Migration  Nov 2017  1:30


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