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To mark my twentieth Net Prophet posting I am doing something different. Instead of highlighting the lectures given by individual persons, I want to present a group that organizes lectures. It is called The Veritas Forum. Here is its beginning as recorded in Wikipedia:

“The first forum took place at Harvard University in 1986, and was organized as an academic conference in Christian apologetics. The Forum’s name derives from Harvard’s motto, Veritas, meaning Truth. Harvard’s motto reflects the school’s Christian heritage: although it is popularly trimmed to the one word Veritas, it officially reads “Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae,” or Truth for Christ and the Church. With this name, Veritas seeks to remind the university community of the centrality of Christ to its founding. At the first Veritas Forum writers of the book Finding God at Harvard gathered to share their own questions, sufferings, journeys, and discoveries with the Harvard community.”

As I continue developing posts of Net Prophets I also continue to find more relevant videos on Youtube that are appropriate for my list. I discovered Veritas Forum while doing the last posting on N.T. “Tom” Wright. If you looked closely at his lectures, you would find that he spoke under the sponsorship of Veritas at several institutions of higher learning: Harvard, Yale, and University of North Carolina.

“The Veritas Forum is a non-profit organization which works with Christian students on college campuses to host “forums” centered on the exploration of truth and its relevancy in human life, through the questions of philosophy, religion, science, and other disciplines. The organization, named after the Latin word for truth, aims to “[create] university events engaging students and faculty in exploring life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to all of life.” The first Veritas Forum was held at Harvard University in 1986. By 2008, 300,000 students had attended over 300 forums at 100 campuses across the United States, Canada, France, England, and the Netherlands. In the 2010–2011 academic year, Veritas Forums were held at over 50 institutions of higher education.

To plan a Forum, Veritas partners with Christian student groups, who organize and host the Forum, typically co-sponsored by other student organizations and academic departments. Typical events include evening keynote addresses, workshops, debates, and discussions. Common topics include the existence of God; the relationship between science and religion; social justice work; questions of social ethics; feminism and women’s issues; questions of meaning or purpose in human life, evil, or beauty; human sexuality and relationships; the existence of objective truth; religion and art; Christianity and popular culture; and the historical validity of the Bible.

The Veritas Forum has hosted several discussion events with prominent speakers representing secular or non-Christian points of view, including Peter Singer, Steven Pinker, Antony Flew, Christopher Hitchens, Shelly Kagan, Alan Lightman, and Jeffrey Sachs.”     Wikipedia

As stated earlier, Veritas had scheduled over 300 forums by by 2008, so there are more, especially by now, than I can list here. I will therefore list their home page and their Youtube page and let you ‘have at it’ as the British say.

Veritas Forum Home Page (from there you are directed to individual countries where lectures have been held)

Veritas Forum Youtube Page (videos range from short snippets to whole lectures)
or, alternatively