N. T. “Tom” Wright

Nicholas Thomas “Tom” Wright (born 1 December 1948) is a leading New Testament scholar and retired Anglican bishop. In academia, he is published as N. T. Wright, but otherwise tends to be known as Tom Wright. Between 2003 and his retirement in 2010, he was the Bishop of Durham. He is now Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St Mary’s College in the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Among modern New Testament scholars, Wright is an important proponent of traditional views on theological matters including Christ’s bodily resurrection and second coming. He has criticised the idea of a literal rapture, co-authored a book with his friend Marcus Borg, a widely known voice of liberal Christianity, and is associated with the Open Evangelical movement and New Perspective on Paul, both of which are seen as controversial in many conservative Protestant evangelical circles.  (Wikipedia)

I wondered why Tom Wright had retired from the very prestigious position as a bishop of the Church of England (in fact, the fourth in authority- after the two archbishops and the bishop of London) to be a university professor. In collating his lectures I discovered why. I have so far collected over 30 of his lectures here and there are still more to do. Thus, he has seemingly more influence in his professorial- writer- lecturer role than he had as bishop. (B. T.)

Wikipedia page

Books at Amazon (he has written over 50)


New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary  Mar 2005  1:53:21  (Audio)
Resurrection: Historical Event or Theological Interpretation? N.T. Wright vs. John D. Crossan

Redeemer Center for Faith and Work May 2012  44:25
“ After you Believe: Why Christian Character Matters”

Roanoke College Mar 2013  1:37:20
“Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?”

All Things N T Wright May 2013  1:04:13
How We Arrive at Romans 8 – Session 1 – Only Audio

All Things N T Wright May 2013  1:08:10
No Condemnation – Session 2 – Only Audio

All Things N T Wright May 2013   1:01:03
New Creation – Session 3 – Only Audio

All Things N T Wright May 2013   1:07:07
New Exodus, New Tabernacle – Session 4 – Only Audio

All Things N T Wright May 2013   1:04:26
New Vision of God – Session 5 – Only Audio

All Things N T Wright May 2013  1:00:37
New Vocation for the Christian – Session 6 – Only Audio

All Things N T Wright May 2013  1:05:13
God’s Powerful Foolishness in a World of Foolish Power – Session 7 – Only Audio

All Things N T Wright May 2013  37:04
Question and Answer – Session 8 – Only Audio

All Things N T Wright June 2013   49:29
NT Wright “The Resurrection”

Veritas Forum at Harvard Dec 2013  1:31:04
“The Bible: Gospel, Guide, or Garbage?” with Sean Kelly

Facing the Canon Feb 2014  1:29:08

James Gregory Lectures, Scotland  Mar 2014 1:02:28
Can a Scientist Trust the New Testament? (1 of 2)

James Gregory Lectures, Scotland  Mar 2014 31:34
Can a Scientist Trust the New Testament? (2 of 2)

Lanier Theological Library Chapel  April 2014  1:16:56
“How Paul Invented Christian Theology”

Oklahoma Christian University April 2014  1:12:14

Oklahoma Christian University April 2014  56:43
Dr. N. T. Wright Student Q & A

Fuller Theological Seminary  April 2014  1:16:26
“Kingdom and Cross: The Forgotten Message of the Gospels”

All Things N T Wright  Sept 2014  1:01:28
How God Became King – Only Audio

Fuller Theological Seminary  Oct 2014  1:02:02
Interpreting Paul for the Future of the World, Session 1
“Paul and the Faithfulness of God – the Gospel for Runaway Slaves”

Fuller Theological Seminary  Oct 2014 1:00:02 Session 2
“The One Triune God amidst Religious Pluralism, Clashing Kingdoms, and Prevalent Evil”

Fuller Theological Seminary  Oct 2014  1:06:18 Session 3
“Who Are the People of God? Ancient Israel and the Nations, Modern Israel, and the Church – and Justification in the Kingdom of God”

Fuller Theological Seminary  Oct 2014 1:06:47 Session 4
“What is God’s Future for the World? An Eschatological Vision for the Kingdom on Earth”

Fuller Theological Seminary  Oct 2014  30:14  Session 5
“On Discipleship and the Future of the Church – Concluding Dialogue”

Duke Divinity School  Nov 2014  1:33:03
N.T. Wright: Panel Discussion on Pauline Theology with Faculty

Veritas Forum at Yale Nov 2014  1:15:01
“Living Well in the Light of Death” with Shelly Kagan

Duke Univ Veritas Forum  Dec 2014  1:22:34
Good God? A conversation with Professor N.T. Wright

Veritas Forum  Dec 2014 1:18;54
The Bible – Who Cares?
Molly Worthen asks NT Wright questions about scripture and culture


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