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SIX WEEK SUMMARY: first twelve sites covered. 200+ likes

+A Moveable Feast: Episcopal, Cincinnati, OH

Article in Deseret News on present spiritual revolution away from the church

+Southside Abbey: Episcopal,  Chattanooga, TN

Reflections Nov 7, 2015 by me on background factors involved in Dinner Church

+Community Dinners church nourishes bodies, souls: Assembly of God, Seattle WA

Article on Pew survey of Millennials and the church.

+The Garden, United Methodist, Indianapolis IN

+Hope Chapel  Foothills Christian Life Center, N Y, NY

An article by Brother Thomas P. Draney, CFC from National Catholic Reporter

+Simple Church Methodist Dinner Church Grafton, MA

Dimensions beyond dinner model.

+Article in Huffington Post written by Emily Scott, Pastor

St. Lydia’s, Brooklyn, NY

Back to the Future

My article showing that the ‘dinner church’ model is both the oldest and newest way the church has gathered and worshipped.

+Pacific Beach United Methodist Church CA

“Draughts of Faith” Meet in Mexican Restaurant

+Church in a Diner article by Tom Arthur, minister

   Sycamore Creek UMC, Lansing MI

+The Table ELCA Orange County CA

Bibliography: Books on Greco-Roman Meals, the original ‘worship in a meal’ setting we call the ‘Dinner Church’.

+Haven@Table Sheffield U K

+Sellwood Faith Community Portland, OR