These are the individuals I have covered so far:

(Click on the name to see a person’s lectures)
Marcus Borg
John Dominic Crossan
Walter Brueggemann
John Shelby Spong
Brian McLaren
Diana Butler Bass
Rob Bell
Marilynne Robinson
John Gray
Garry Wills
Alister McGrath
Phyllis Tickle
Karen Armstrong
John Cobb
Rebecca Solnit
Robin Meyers
Stanley Hauerwas
Rowan Williams 
N. T. “Tom” Wright  
Veritas Forum
Kelly Brown Douglas
Michael Curry

For each person I will include:

I Introduction
A. Their Wikipedia page link, and I will include the summary of who they are.
B. Any other appropriate links I find concerning the ‘prophet’, such as any personal, blog, or Facebook pages by or about them.

II Videos
 Videos of them lecturing or preaching, usually on Youtube.

III A Books (on some)

A list of the books that he or she has written beginning with the latest book produced at the time I put their page together.

III B Book Descriptions (on some)

A description of several of the author’s books. I will make the call on which of the books I consider to be important. As I have not read all the books, I would be happy to receive recommendations from you on others to highlight. Feel free to add several sentences of how you found it helpful.

Perhaps in the future some of the following may be added

Najeeba Syeed-Miller
Robert Bellah
Philip Clayton
Diana Eck
James A Forbes
Matthew Fox
Luke Timothy Johnson
Tony Jones
Hans Kung
Doug Pagitt
Richard Rohr
Tex Sample
Barbara Brown Taylor
Jim Wallis
Jeremiah Wright
David Bentley Hart
Richard Holloway

8 thoughts on “NET PROPHETS

  1. Bud, What about adding Richard Holloway to your list of authors. I have his ‘Doubts and Loves: What is left of Christianity’ by my bed but would gladly lend it to you, although you might find my many pencil marks distracting!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, George. I’ll look into it. At first glance, I find several lectures by him. So it looks promising. I’ve read his”On Leaving Alexandria”.

  2. Bud, I opened your “Net Prophets”. I have read DBB “Christianity After Religion”, and our Jesus Seminar Study Group read and discussed, “Christianity for the Rest of Us”. I would recommend her new book, “Grounded, Finding God in the World, A Spiritual Revolution” Her spiritual journey is a lot like mine. I see you have posted stuff on Paul. I would recommend two recent books re: Paul–“The Authentic Letter of Paul; A New Reading of Paul’s Rhetoric and Meaning” . Arthur Dewey; Roy Hoover; Lane McGaughy and Daryl Schmidt and, “The Real Paul, Recovering His Radical Challenge” ; Brandon Scott; both Polebridge Press. yours aye! Rod

    1. Thanks, Rod. I have the first two books of DBB on my Kindle on Mac, where I have read them. I’m working on my latest Facebook page, Dinner Church Movement.
      So I haven’t got her latest. Thanks for the heads up on the Paul books. I haven’t seen them. I’ve heard Brandon Scott at our Cal-Nev Conference Retired Clergy retreat. I enjoyed him.
      At the age of 82 I’m preparing to write my first book, on the Dinner Church. I’ll be doing it with Alan Streett, who wrote “Subversive Meals”. Looks like we both continue our studies. Grapes and peas, Bud.

  3. Hi. I’m in Bristol UK and just come across your Web pages on FB. I’m really taken with the dinner church idea and hoping it will catch on here. A friend and Minister colleague of mine wrote her PhD in UK on ‘table fellowship’ I don’t know the title, but her name is Janet Corlett. She’s at Bermondsey Methodist church, South London Mission. I can get more details when I return home.

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