This blog contains two projects I am currently working on. The second project, found below on the menu labelled NET PROPHETS, is a list of lectures available on Youtube by contemporary persons whom I consider present day prophets that are available on the net. Hence, I call them Net Prophets.

This project I have labelled “A NEW/OLD MODEL FOR THE CHURCH”. It is based upon two contemporarycurrents in Biblical Studies. The first is a study by a sub-group of the Society of Biblical Literature, “Greco-Roman Meals. The second is a study of some members within the the American Academy of Religion, and it is an investigation of the influence of the Roman Empire on the writings of the New Testament.

This model consists of four parts.

I Theoretical: An investigation of the writings on Greco-Roman Meals. (This portion I have completed and is found as the present blog listed as “A NEW/OLD MODEL FOR THE CHURCH“.)

II Practical: How are the Greco-Roman Meals relevant for a model of the Church today?

III Theoretical: An investigation of the writings on the influence of the Roman Empire on New Testament writings.

IV Practical: How are the effects of the Empire on the New Testament relevant for today’s Church?


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